Japanene, good sales magazine now

*I used to write articles in Japanese, not in English. so sorry if their are some mistakes!

Today, Japanese Publishing industry faces extinction...This is serious situation for me because I'm a writer. Oh well...how can I get my pay for shopping!?

Anyway, the reason that magazines sales are going down seems by recession. Lots of fashion brand also in bad financial situation, so cut down the advertising budget. It was a big big surprising to me that one of the most famous designer, Yoji Yamamoto has financial problem, and has resigned.

Always there is a sales competition, and there is a winner... now "Sweet" magazine is popular, became thicker and thicker. It's always sold with some kind of special corroboration item of fashion brand. This time is with Anna Sui's porch.

This is very "KAWAII" kind concept magazine. If you'd like to take a look inside, go their website and push the icon below. can check a little pages.

Also, "KOAKUMA ageha" is crazy Japanese Gal magazine, and very popular for teens. Both magazines are not my style, but sometimes fun to know teens and high-teen's trend and culture.

Well...I have lots to say about media situation in Japan, but getting tired to write in English badly! I'm soooo away from Eng environment long time...